FALL 2023

No Other Man In The World Is Wearing The Same Suit

A Suit For Every Event

Each Suit Is Unique

History Over a Century

Wether you want a bespoke suit for a wedding, business meeting or any other special occasion.

We will ensure that you will feel unique, prestigous and respected at that formal or seasonal moment.  

When we say that there is no other man wearing the same suit, we mean it. 


Each bespoke suit designed and assembled at our store goes through a rigurous process to ensure diversity, uniqueness and prestigue when you walk in that suit.

Starting from a single bespoke suit over a centrury ago, we have grown to one of the leading tailors located on the world class Savile Row Lane.

Over the years, we have dressed leading public figures, members of the British Royal family, successful businessmen and those that want to feel special within our suits.

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